At Appletree we know that when given the right tools, every child can succeed.

We are committed to creating academic programs that validate children
and encourage them to reach their full potential.

Every Child Can Succeed

Appletree Learning is a boutique style learning centre that offers a variety of dynamic and innovative programs. Our creative and holistic approach integrates solid curriculum with success and esteem building. We focus on each child's strengths and unique learning style. Our students experience success and enjoyment with every lesson and gain confidence as well as skill!

Every Child Is Unique

Our goal at Appletree Learning is to empower, educate and inspire each of our students. We design academic enrichment and remedial programs tailored to match each child's individual strengths and needs. Our students gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to help them meet their full potential and thrive.

The Appletree Difference

We are Reading, Writing and Math Specialists passionate about facilitating our students’ academic victories. We find the gifts of each child and start there. Our programs are designed for every type of learner; auditory, visual and kinesthetic. We believe in the power of words and use only positive affirming language. Our environment is stress free, peaceful and nurturing. We believe that every child can succeed.




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