Raegan Hornby has worked for over twenty-five years educating, counselling, advocating and mentoring. She has designed enrichment and remedial programs in all subjects for both private and public school settings. Raegan is passionate about teaching and empowering children who learn differently and creating healthy, positive and balanced environments where children can thrive.

Lisa Sabino has worked for over twenty years as a teacher, museum curator, curriculum advisor, historical writer and mentor for students. She integrates technology, the arts, and history into her students’ academic experiences. Lisa is passionate about honouring the unique learning styles of her students and making real world connections to their learning.  

Dedicated Teachers

Raegan, Lisa and the Appletree Staff are dedicated teachers, passionate about education and child development. We are members of the Ontario College of Teachers and bring many years of training, research and experience in the fields of Special Education, Literacy and Mathematics instruction to Appletree.
We provide a safe and nurturing environment for our students, believing that children learn best when they feel comfortable and secure. We are committed to creating academic programs that validate children and allow them to reach their full potential. We also provide support and counselling for parents.
At Appletree we know that when given the right tools, every child can succeed.